See links from Twitter buddies

iOS features full Twitter integration and you can use the Share feature of apps like Photos to instantly share and upload photos along with a tweet.

Even if you don’t want to tweet from your device, there is a good reason to sign into Twitter: Safari will scan the recent postings of your Twitter friends and show all the postings that have links.

Here’s how to sign into Twitter and access the links list:

• To set up Twitter on your iPad or iPhone, open the Settings app then tap the Twitter heading and fill in your details.

• To view tweets that contain links, open Safari then tap the bookmarks icon (overlapping squares). A new column will be visible, with an “@” heading. Tapping this will show tweets involving links.

• Tapping a link will cause you to visit the link in Safari, and the tweet will be listed at the top of the web page so you can reference it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to respond to a tweet without using the official Twitter app, which is available in the App Store.